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Project Items

Base Bid/AltItem NumberDescriptionUnitsQuantity
Base Bid0100.000/00000MOBILIZATIONLS1
Base Bid0300.000/00003Floor Repair - Full DepthSF75
Base Bid0300.000/00011Floor Repair - Slab-on-GradeSF2
Base Bid0500.000/00001Beam Repair - Partial Depth/ShallowSF8
Base Bid0500.000/00002Beam Repair - Partial Depth/DeepSF1
Base Bid1100.000/00001Seal Cracks and JointsLF1,750
Base Bid1100.000/00002Repair Crack/Joint SealantLF1,450
Base Bid1100.000/00005Epoxy InjectionLF100
Base Bid1100.000/00006Injection GroutingLF120
Base Bid1100.000/00007Cove SealantLF2,600
Base Bid1600.000/00001Traffic Topping - VehicularSF900
Base Bid1600.000/00003Traffic Topping - RepairSF30
Base Bid1600.000/00004Traffic Topping - Recoat (Partial System)SF10
Base Bid2500.000/00002Mechanical - Supplementary Floor DrainEACH5
Base Bid2500.000/00003Mechanical - Pipe and HangersLF160
Base Bid5100.000/00002Plaza System - Cold Fluid-Applied Waterproofing withLS1